About CFAP

Cambodian Farmer Association Federation of Agricultural Producers (CFAP-Cambodia) was found and renewed its policy from the Cambodian Farmers’ Association for Agricultural Development (CAMFAD) in Svay Rieng in 2007 and registered with the Ministry of Interior (MoI) on May 2007 with registration no. 583. The organization also amended its governing structure and statute in FO base style and re-registered with MoI on 4th February 2010 with a new registration no. 216. The federation became a membership of the International Federation of Agricultural Producers IFAP in 2002. CFAP-Cambodia is working to represent small group producers in the rural Cambodia, holds its annual general meeting and National Farmers’ GA in every two year which participates by registered members, relevant stakeholders and observers. 

At present CFAP-Cambodia is being governed by farmers’ leaders delivering services to members based, allowing members to govern the organization and giving priorities to discuss their own agenda at the executive committee meeting i.e. once every six month. The annual general meeting will hold in March link to the Exc. committee meeting. CFAP-Cambodia presently hardly does implement programmes due to lack of sufficient means and materials to influent the public and strengthening its own institution and in the term of competition difficulties with NGOs projects which they give something free to beneficiaries. Eleven (11) staff members are on the pay roll, CFAP-Cambodia has firmly decided on its ambition to become a real member-led organization and represent small producer communities in the rural Cambodia. Rules and regulations as the governance structure are revised in favor of farmers-led governance. Revised policies as adopted foresee in the first General Assembly and elections of Board on 30th December 2009. The initiative toward coop of producers was drafted since August, 2008 by the management team and submitted to the Exc. Committee and board members to discuss and proposed to approve in the first annual general meeting last December 2008.

CFAP-Cambodia has a tree-tiered structure: producing level, Saving groups, rice producer groups, vegetable/crop growing groups, poultries/animal rearing groups, fish raising groups, village women association (VWA) etc.), structured under a Commune Farmers' Association (CFA) and CBOs again affiliated to CFAP-Cambodia. CFAP-Cambodia regards 818 producing groups, 99 village farmers associations in 16 presently registered household members of 7,905 which 4539 are women and equal to 39,525 individuals in 4 provinces i.e. Svay Rieng, Prey Veng and Kampong Speu and Kandal (data in 2009). The present Board leaders are formally elected during the First General Assembly and accessing to a farmers-led governance structure. The federation of CFAP-Cambodia expresses the need to receive assistance in appropriate governance mechanisms and in developing service programmes complying with the needs of members. Also in technical fields, CFAP-Cambodia and its staff members require training and further strengthening of their capacities and administration and financial management. Mentioned are a lack of sufficient knowledge and capacities in the field of savings and agricultural credit, low input agriculture, coop initiatives, basic household economics and cooperative market.

CFAP-Cambodia also assisted in the creation of democratic groups for advocacy to serve and protect the interests of its small members in farming activities toward market. CFAP-Cambodia is a member of Advocacy Committee Network. This committee provides opportunity for people who suffered from influenced people who suffer from violence or threats to their basic living rights and protection their own property. that may need assistance. These advocacy activities, CFAP-Cambodia joins actively in discussion and solving most land conflict which affects to farmers for rural people, this network not yet discuss about agriculture thru observation of CFAP-Cambodia and need to improve in the future.