The Cambodian Farmers Association Federation of Agricultural Producers (CFAP Cambodia) developed from an NGO established in 1995, and then known as CamFAD federation. From 2005 onwards, CFAP has transformed into a membership-based national federation of commune-level farmer associations and community base organizations CBOs, CFAP-Cambodia currently represents 16 CFAs/CBOs and 60 VWAs in the country. It adapted its Constitution and re-registered as a national level organization with the Ministry of Interior on 25th May 2007 ref no. 216.

The organization was researched and made profiling by Agriterra, policies and rules have been changed and improved toward a membership base organization. Ways of working in FO style were found since then and as the light to seek for real meanings of FO gradually by volunteer workers and farmers, CFAP-Cambodia is the first organization that found the farmer federation in Cambodia by combination of small producers groups as the communities and associations base from other provinces in the country.

CFAP-Cambodia is being implemented in FO style, nine commune farmers associations (CFAs) from sixty village farmers associations were formulated and elected board has been started since then. Executive committee members were born and have also elected board from the CFAs leaders as well in order them have regular meetings to speak on behalf of farmers at the apex level. Due to membership based concepts are new to Cambodian farmers, so that members need to learn by doing about FO policies and its procedures and ways forwards of working etc and need capacity building regard FO performance, study visit to other cooperatives and farmer organizations in other countries to gain knowledge in FOs. During this period, the organization depends much on CEO.

The organization has improved positively in membership based approach; regular meetings of the board and Excom. Committees were adopted in the agenda of the organization. The organization has been strengthened toward real farmer organization which represents producers at the nationwide. The first annual general meeting was held on 30th December 2008 to ensure the progress of the federation, election of two vice chairpersons to fulfill the vacancy positions at the board level.

In December 2009 was the 4th Executive committee meeting of the organization along with the first general assembly of the organization which all committee members could discuss about their own problems met at the farm level, organizational status, difficulties and finding solution and protection by farmers themselves in good cooperation with the governments. Seeking for new positive methods to improve and sustain the existing communities based and strengthening the roles of the federation effectively to serve the interests of small farmers/members at the national level. On 30th December 2009 it was the first General Assembly of the federation to review policy, activities done, approval of new registered members and election of board and members so on and so forth.

The organization could run its work in a right track base on the five year strategic planning, prioritized working areas such as priority no.1 Improvement Horticulture Products, priority no.2 Improvement Cooperative Marketing, priority no. 3 Develop Youth Programme and priority no. 4 Strengthen Membership Base and Data Base.