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Management Department Managament Department

CFAP Cambodia
Managament Department
SOK Sotha Managing director Head of CEO

Tel: +855 44 945 777/44 945 553

Local Capacity Builder, HR and Administration
HONG Sreyleak Assistant to HR and administration
Office Support (OS) E-mail:
Tel: +855 69 212 220
MEAS Sovanthy Agri-business officer
Local Capacity Builder and consultation E-mail:
Tel: +855 69 805 776/12 805 776
POV Lyna Assistant to IT, HR, Administration and LCB
Office Support (OS) E-mail:
Tel: +855 93 934 239
Vacancy Accounting assistant Office Support (OS)
E-mail: N/A
Tel: +855
MAO Pinh Accounting assistant Office Support (OS)
Tel: +855 88 73 79 456
HAB Chenda Accounting assistant Savings and use of a revolving fund
Tel: +855 96 40 56 428
Internal auditor
Vacancy E-mail: N/A
Tel: +855
Agricultural and advisory
KOEUT Sorachna Agricultural and advisory officer
Office Support (OS) E-mail:
Tel: +855 93 63 97 47
Office assistant
MOK Nokor Office assistant Office Assistant E-mail: N/A
Tel: +855 93 237 458
Staff Base At FOs/ACs Under Supervision from "Agriculture and advisory Support Department"
YOEUN Chanthorn Local Staff Base (LSB) LCK Kaksekor Livelihood Improvement Association
HENG Sreyneang Local Staff Base (LSB) PKT Ponleu Kaksekor Thmey Association
MAO Sinath Local Staff Base (LSB) ADCM Mongkul Meanchey Agricultural Development Cooperatives
CHAN Mom Local Staff Base (LSB) PKADC Phum Kantrean Agricultural Development Community
KONG Linna Local Staff Base (LSB) CFA-THL Commune Farmers Association CFA-THLORK
THEM Sat Local Staff Base (LSB) CFA-THN Commune Farmers Association CFA-THNOT
SREY Raksmey Local Staff Base (LSB) CFA-KTB Koytrabaek Farmers' Association
MAO Piphup Local Staff Base (LSB) CHACS
Chek Agricultural Cooperatives
PHOK Nimorl Local Staff Base (LSB) BSACS
Basac Agricultural Cooperatives
PROK Thona Local Staff Base (LSB) CFA-KCL Commune Farmers Association CFA-KAMPONG CHAMLANG
MEAS Sopheap Local Staff Base (LSB) STACS
Svay Tayean Agricultural Cooperatives
NUT Phanit Local Staff Base (LSB) SCHACS
Svay Chrum Agricultural Cooperatives
KONG Saboeun Local Staff Base (LSB) PACS
Porthireach Agricultural Cooperatives
PHAT Phalla Local Staff Base (LSB) SAACS
Svay Ang Agricultural Cooperatives
KUCH Vey Local Staff Base (LSB) CDA Commune Development Association (CDA)
KHEM Sokha Local Staff Base (LSB) FEDA The Family Economic Development Association FEDA
DEN Sokhon Local Staff Base (LSB) ADCTPR
Agricultural Development Cooperative of Trapeang Russei (ADCTPR)
HEM Savann Local Staff Base (LSB) PYADC
Phum Yoeung Agricultural Development Cooperative (PYADC)

Management Team

Managing Director

The managing director is the one who exercise day to day execution of CFAP-Cambodia, drafting of CFAP-Cambodia policy, M&E, review of the organisational policy, make sure that the rules and regulations of the organization is respected and indicating the programme management to all staff members and international affair. He is also the one who coordinate meetings of the board.

Finance and Administration

Administration and Finance staff members operate day to day account keeping and financial management of the federation. Moreover, they are responsible for communication and meeting arrangement.

Staff members

To be responsible for respective programmes as categorized and assigned by CFAP in different aspects, and exercise day to day execution of the programmes under CFAP’s guidelines, policy and foreseen strategic plan. The officers are responsible for design, draft and develop all relevant tools/documents as assigned by CFAP to give high and effective services to members. Moreover, the staff members have to implement their core tasks and follow up activities day to day at the operational areas of the federation where they are assigned to work for the relevant member organizations and will regularly report the progresses of their respective supervisor.

Technical Support/Consultants

The consultants usually provide advisory support on technical related issues to CFAP-Cambodia specialized staffs according to the required and agreed services to CFAP Cambodia. Consultants therefore are not eligible to make any decision over the policy or management without prior authorization from CFAP head of management and or the board. They have duty for technical support base on advanced agreement between CFAP and or CFAP’s partner. The consultants compose of technical resource persons in government agencies, Local Capacity Builder (LCB) or companies that employed by CFAP or its donor/partner.


At the office and or any operational areas of CFAP-Cambodia according to their required proposed field of work and agreed between CFAP-Cambodia and under supervision from their respective specialized officers with respect to criterion and policy of volunteering and research work base or actual ToR. The volunteering workers who has one year of their volunteer work within the federation then they will be encouraged to apply for a similar position if there is any staff recruitment in the future and their final result is good according to good recommendation from the officer who was responsible for him/her and if they want.