The farmers Fighting Poverty Programme has started its action on ground since 2007 with the least developed countries and or developing countries in Asia and Africa where there are most poor and vulnerable people live with food insufficiency and low economic status.

Cambodia alone has about 5.4 million people amongst 13.4 million live under the poverty line, this means they live with less than US$1 per day and there have no enough food intakes to eat, even the country main sector base in Agriculture. Low knowledge and skills and money to invest on farms are big concerns of the rural poors and their organizations due to the most needs of external supports to push their situation forward and moving gradually from hunger, Most poor people live in the rural areas and working in agriculture will suffer firstly to meet the hunger, climate changes, storm, illness and illiteracy and others whilst the country just appeared from the bad situation of the civil conflict of more than two decades.

The Cambodian Farmers’ Association Federation for Agricultural Development is working very hard to fight against hunger with its rural poor members in various provinces and hope strongly that these activities will reach to all poor areas in the country by 2015. To achieve its strategies, the organization actually need support from donor countries government and agri-agencies, so that the organization can survive and sustain toward its goal because the organization is not strong enough with its own budget the organization is in the most needs of support to achieve its goal with the rural poor people. What will happen to the poor and suffered people who live depend on agriculture to survive their lives everyday.

The problems of food security are always threatened to people. If the donors and development agencies and governments do not make it as a priority to develop plans to invest in agriculture with the rural producers and farmer organization, then numbers of food insufficient people will increase fast in this year which CamFAD estimated that around 5.4 million in Cambodia in 2010.

On behalf of the board members at the national level, We would appeal to the donor communities and donor governments in order to consider to the case of CamFAD and would request to supports its programmes as available to join and solve the facing problems of rural poor farmers in the LDC and developing countries which suffer everyday with food shortages, human abuses, illiteracy, illness, low education toward the sustaining of global peace and access to poverty reduction such as Cambodian farmers. CamFAD would do our best and are ready to join actively together with the donors and development agencies to solve the problems of poverty and hunger of rural poor people.

Your contribution will be the most values to the rural poors in Cambodia; CamFAD is ready to join in development with you.